Shinkansen Sunsets

I rose, groggily, from as good a slumber as a train ride would allow me, to find the setting sun alight just outside my window. Regardless of the day I had had, of the emptiness of my stomach, and the heaviness in my body, suddenly everything became okay.
Imagine a fire suspended in the air. A perfect dot of red paint against a dull sky. I thought, then, that perhaps the sun appears differently to people in different parts of the world, because I had seen many sunsets in my life, but I hadn’t ever seen anything like this.
On a lonely Shinkansen ride home, I saw true beauty.

Written on September 18th, 2018

PS – I wish I could have taken a picture of it, though a picture may not have done it justice. By the time I’d pulled out my phone, the train had turned into its path. It was the sunset equivalent of a blood moon, I’m sure. But redder. Much, much, redder. 
It was a memorable end to my last trip in Japan.

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